Latest Prada Haul!

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  1. [​IMG]

    :yahoo:Sumbuddy STOP ME!:yahoo:


    I wish I could have gotten a better detailed pic of the buckle. The gold has a beautiful fleur de lis engraving and croc embossed leather. :tender:
    2007_0824Image0058.JPG 2007_0824Image0061.JPG 2007_0824Image0065.JPG 2007_0824Image0067.JPG 2007_0824Image0054.jpg
  2. OMG PP - Does DH know about these? -- LOL !
    Both beautiful! I love LOVE the wallet!
    You are on a roll girl!
  3. I love your wallet!
  4. That's hot!
  5. Great haul, PP!! Oh and I love your bracelet too.
  6. Uh, nope! :graucho:

    Thanks! It's my absolute FAVORITE!
  7. Love that wallet, there's just no stopping you...
  8. Congrats!! that wallet looks gorge , and the belt is hot
  9. I really love that wallet and the belt! Is the belt made by Prada? Look at the gorgeous red! I know the wallet is not cheap. Is the belt expensive too?
  10. Congratulations.
  11. PP!! YAY on the red wallet!! I LOVE it!
  12. I love that wallet!! Where did you get it? I know that Jill got hers from the Prada NY boutique. I think that I will have to check out the Prada store in Vegas next week. hmmmm......
  13. Those are fantastic! Lovin' the gauffre wallet! :nuts:
  14. Yes, it's a Prada belt. Their belts typically run $300-400 and up, but I'm the Queen of Bargains and got it for less than half that.:graucho:

    Thanks all!! The wallet is so decadently soft. It's pure JOY to get my credit cards in and out of it. :devil:
  15. makes spending money more enjoyable :graucho:

    congrats - great stuff!