Latest Pics from Paris

  1. Chanel 1.jpg

    Chanel 2.jpg

    Chanel 3.jpg

    Chanel 4.jpg

    Chanel 5.jpg
  2. Chanel 6.jpg
  3. Thanks for the nice pics!!
  4. :love:

  5. That one goes for 950€.
  6. Thanks for posting the pics !!
    I really like the black one in "Pics: Chanel 2 & Chanel 3 ". What is it called?? And how much is it?
  7. thanks for posting them.
  8. The red bag.:love: :heart: :drool: [​IMG]....:love: :heart: :drool:
  9. Priced at 950€.

    Can't remember the name as my French is horrible. That's the only bag I liked too and that's why I took more pics of it.

    Wished I wasn't on a ban. It was hard walking away from it.
  10. Thanks for the pics Newbie!!! Do you know the price for the red bag in US Dollars? No good at that conversion thing :sad:
  11. [​IMG]
    I believe these are the new Retro bags US$1275
  12. Think the red bag is 1050€. With current exchange rate it comes to about $1365 minus the 12% back in VAT. Don't forget to tag on another 1% to 4% for foreign transanction depending on the card you use.

    Btw, that bag has a shorter strap than the smaller version.
  13. Thank you for sharing. =)
  14. thanks for the pics newbie.
  15. Thanks for sharing, love the red bag!