Latest Object of Desire

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  1. This is my newest obsession in ink.......what's yours???
    Coach 11373.jpg
  2. WOW!!! I :heart: this bag! What is it? I love the round Coach metal tag!!!! More info please!!! :drool:
  3. What a cute bag! My latest obsession may be that bag that you have a pic. of. I love it!
  4. That's the new Thompson line due in October/November. It is called the Thompson Top Handle. Colors will be Ink, Toffee (shown) and Parchment. Decisions, decsions..........
  5. great bag!
  6. That's a beautiful bag!!!
  7. I really like that bag!!
  8. It really is a pretty bag
  9. I am not as much in love with the bag as I am with the hangtag! It is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  10. i saw the lily IRL and am in love!

    too bad it's sold out though.
  11. heavenly, that would be great in ink. I almost typed oink! LOL
  12. Oh, I have not seen this style! But it is pretty! Man, I have so many bags to chose from! Decisions, decisions, so many bags, so little money!
  13. That bag is gorgeous! I like it in Toffee. Where did you find the picture if it's not on the Coach website? I'm sorta new here so just learning my way around.
  14. GORGEOUS!! Holy cow.... item # please... :yes:
  15. In ink? My Coach leather jacket!