Latest Makeup you like

  1. i thought this would be a good thing to start...

    ppl post new makeup that uve tried and liked, can be from eyeshadows to nail polish etc....

    ill start... i just got the chanel red dream nail polish.. I LOVE IT.. its got sparkles in it..

    and i got ysl bottle green mascara.. looks great ( ive got grean blue eyes)
    and i got the chanel eye shadow pallet.. its yellow white and silver.. and it looks like sequins are imprinted in the eye shadow.. its REALLLY HOT and is nice and sparkly without being too much!!!

    who esle has got new stuff?
  2. This is a perfect thread.

    On Tuesday I went to Sephora to pick up some Red Velvet Cake 3 in one, but I saw this cool package from Smashbox.
    It's a blush that comes in the form of a serum, clear, and goes on a light pink. It has vitamins in it so it helps your skin. I tried it on my hand and it looked gorgeous. I bought it but haven't had a chance to try it. I will post after I try it this week. I will also right the full name. Oh, it sells for 26.
  3. I love Chanel nail polish too, not only are the colors great, but they seem to last the longest for me. Really I love all Chanel, but I have to give it to mac for their eyeshadows. They really pop!!!
  4. MAC fix+ - great stuff
  5. oo is that new? ^ what doe sit do?
  6. it's a rejuvenating type spritz spray to freshen your face/make-up. works great. $14 at macy's MAC counter.
  7. i just picked up shu uemura velvet pefect adjusting powder...been using for the last 3 days. so far, so good! looks beautiful applied with a brush.

    i also love MAC Plumfoolery blush. great color! (i have an olive tone)
  8. I am a new user of MAC eyeshadows and I am HOOKED! They stay in place and look so vibrant yet natural at the same time. Beautiful colors. I got Patina and Antiqued, and a white shadow base (forget the name right now) so far.
  9. What is red velvet cake? Sounds yummy.
  10. Nevermind, I bet you are talking about the Philosophy stuff.
  11. i just tried chanel paprazzi nailpolish. and its ok ... not really that wow to me
  12. Dior Flight Makeup Palette from Sephora: 2 Eye Shadows (Pink & Dark Grey) & Cheek Blush
  13. lippmann collection nail polish in stardust
  14. I like the dior dazzle palette...I think sephora is the only one that has it. But it has the eyeshadow, blush, shimmer highlighter, and lip gloss all in one. So really its all I need to carry.
  15. I love Lippmann Collection nailpolish! I'm wearing Brown Eyed Girl right now.

    Just tried Smashbox eyelash primer (great) and Nars blush in Mata Hari (too garish for me).