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  1. Hi all,

    Just though you'd want to have a look... some past season bags available too~


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  2. Thanks! I love LVR! I have an older pdf, so thanks for providing the update!
  3. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    I only see GH...did they order RH for SS07??
  4. Love the pink satin bag!!! So pretty!!!!!!:love:
  5. tooshies,

    Elizabeth from LVR says they have no current season bags in regular hardware...

    Aloharag seem to have both and also they have informed me that they will be getting a shipment of French blue firsts and cities very soon... rejoice all you french blue lovers! :smile:

    I think for my girlfriend's bag, I will buy from Steve on anyone had any experiance with them? Any comments on delivery speed, authencity issues, price etc? I've read up on them using the search on the forum and the reviews seem a little mixed but generally on the good side...


  6. Thanks for sharing!
  7. thanks wooju:smile:

    that grey mini making me dizzy again:crybaby:
  8. wooju, I've bought from Diabro and have nothing but good things to say about them. I paid for my Bbag via PayPal and had a bit of a blurgh:shrugs: because the email addy I used on the account that I'd set up with Diabro didn't match what I had on PayPal. Once I'd made the change, though, no problem. It took 3 business days for my Bbag to get to me in Washington, DC. Not bad, 'no?

    Thanks for sending us the LVR PDFs. They are having a free shipping sale until 1 June, so get busy, everyone!
  9. bummer, not crazy about all the GH bags... good for my wallet right? :sad:
  10. thanks wooju!
  11. thanks!