Latest LV Purchases!!! Look what I got!!!

  1. My Louis Vuitton "The Birth of Modern Luxury" book was delivered a few days back and I recently got another wallet for DH but didn't get the chance to post pics. Anyways, I went to my local LV store earlier today and got some stuff before leaving for the States tomorrow morning. Bought another shawl! the pink one, this time:smile: and some playing cards. Bought the Damier Speedy 30 for my younger sister, as well. It's actually a surprise and I really hope that she likes it...
    lvd.JPG lvd5.JPG lvd6.JPG lvd1.JPG
  2. more pics....
    lvd2.JPG lvd4.JPG lvd3.JPG
  3. What a lovely variety! Congrats and travel safe!
  4. Awesome buys, I love the book I'd like to snag one of those ...

  5. Love the shawl and your sister is very lucky!
  6. nice purchases, what are the cards like? Can I see?
  7. OO:huh:... I love everything, especially your shawl!!
  8. I love the pink shawl! Congrats.
  9. Great surprise pressie for your sis! Congrats! nice christmas shopping there :smile:
  10. thank you everyone!!!
  11. nice, i love your pretty shawl.
  12. here you go.....
    IMG_2798.JPG IMG_2799.JPG IMG_2800.JPG IMG_2801.JPG
  13. Congrats- I've been wanting that book myself for the longest time!
  14. Great gift for your sis, i am sure she will love it
  15. oooh congrats! the shawl looks gorgeous... i've never seen one on... modeling pics perhaps??