Latest Italian Pebble Leather Bags

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Just yesterday I got an email announcing the arrival of these bags. Today I asked CS at D&B about the hobo and was told that only Fuchsia remains available. Supposedly no more are scheduled to arrive. I really hoped to get a blue one. Supposedly they are only available through the D&B site, not in stores. Has anyone else checked on these beauties?

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    That is the bag that was originally released as the "Alto Pebbled Leather." I own it in the taupe color, and the boutique stores had ALL the colors back in January. I don't know whether the stores still have any, but Alex at Westchester told me the colors they had when I was Montecatini shopping. (I bought mine as my last Dooney "easy pay" from



    ETA--oddly, when the initial "Alto Pebbled" bags were on the website in black, fuchsia and taupe, they sold out and at that time said there wouldn't be any more. Then POOF! They showed up in spring colors in the stores, with a different name.

  3. Hi Sue!

    I hope all is well! I love the fuchsia. I haven't seen it in blue, but I'm sure it's a beauty!

  4. :loveeyes: I love looking at pics of your bags!
  5. Thanks, honey. :kiss: I love looking at my purses; it makes me sigh when I open the closet. :roflmfao:

  6. :lol:
  7. Do you store them in storage bags or do you have them on display?
  8. They are stuffed and in their storage bags.

  9. And the lovely smell if leather pouring out.....

  10. I saw these on the Dooney site the other day. I saw this bag IRL at the outlet a couple months ago. It was in a beautiful deep slate grey color. I am kicking myself for not getting it. I'm sure it's gone now. It's such a smushy soft leather. The strap looks sort of country/western inspired. I need a trip to the outlet.

  11. Gorgeous!!

  12. Hi Sue! This is a gorgeous bag!
    I wish I could see how the fuchsia looks, although I think I already have enough pink bags :lol: I should behave...
  13. I also wish the color swatches would work! Oh well.....I've gone back to work in an office rather than at home and seem to need totes right now! ;)

    Speaking of pinks, though, I was talking to Sandy at the PA outlet yesterday about some items. She told me that raspberry FVL is now at 65% off too. Kelly green is also now reduced more, I think. I'm leaning toward getting a bag in raspberry at "give away" price! :graucho: I picked up two ocean blue pieces, a medium Toggle Sac & CCW, at that price as well.

    Hope all is well in the Seattle area, MaryBel!

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  14. Thanks for posting these pix, Sarah! :biggrin:

    I love this bag in the light blue color, no matter what her name is! I wish more were going to be available but the CS rep was not too encouraging about it. I may try calling the stores later this week once the sale starts. CS reps aren't always right. :lol:

  15. Marybel, Sue's link shows the fuchsia bag today.

    Hey Sue. You're right about the CS reps; they also said they weren't bringing the bag back at all after the first round disappeared from the website. :rolleyes: Then it appeared in the spring colors, lol. Is it still cold up there?? We are finally getting some spring weather in TX!