Latest iPhone case....

  1. For JPants, she of course loves it......and the quality is, well, second to you would expect.

  2. love it :smile:
  3. Oooh how much is that!? I just got the iphone, need a case for it!
  4. That is too cute!
  5. love it!!!!!
  6. do you think it would work with the ipod touch as well? i'm guessing it has some kind of nice lining so the screen doesn't get scratched. congrats!!!! :smile:
  7. ^^ that is what I am thinking about too as the iPhone has not been released here:rolleyes:
  8. wow.. that looks great together :heart:
  9. Wonderful case for all the lucky iphone owners....
    I just wish LV had done one for the Treo owners....:crybaby:
  10. Wow that is too cute.
  11. Is LV really marketing this as an iphone case? Or is this something else in their collection that happens to be just the perfect size and shape? And, does it come in Damier?

    My AT&T contract allows me to upgrade my phone ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. Just can't decide if I want an iphone or something else.:confused1:
  12. So cute ! I do wish they would have something that would let you touch the screen while it is in the case though.
  13. ARGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am still waiting for mine..This case is WAITLIST only...sniff..If anyone knows of any available...LMK!Im so sad I cant find one!(and my iphone is naked!!ROFL!)
  14. love it, my iphone needs one!!
  15. that is really adorable.