Latest info on 2008 agenda refills

  1. I spoke with two SAs recently in regard to the release of the 2008 LV agenda refills. They're now coming in early September. (Last time I checked, in June, they told me late August.)

    BTW, in case you are not interested in spending a lot on agenda refills but want something cute... I've been using the calendar inserts from Sanrio calendars for the last two years. I don't feel like paying to fill both of my LV agendas with LV refills so I'll only buy them for my small Indigo agenda. So yesterday, I bought a (Sanrio) Chococat agenda so I could use the calendar refills for my Medium Damier agenda! What a deal @ $20. Yahoo.
  2. I always use LV agenda refill, it's not really that expensive (lol, read the post on the psychology ofthe 14000 handbag and you'll understand) and I like the old ads, the layout and the design a lot. =)
  3. they usually come out in september maybe the SA was confused when they quoted August
  4. ya sept is usually the time they come out for me too.. my SA usually calls mid sept and asks if i wanna get one shipped to me or if i wanna pick one up.. so i should be getting a call soon now huh? haha. it's fairly inexpensive for LV imo.

  5. ^^^^^

    Thanks for the info...
    where do you get the Sanrio refills? At the local Sanrio boutique? I think some of the filofax ones work, I know some peeps here use those too.
  6. Thanks for teh agenda...I love mine
  7. Hi.
    I always get the LV ones, but Filofax refills work for the Medium and Small Agendas. Just pay attention to the size of the Filofax refill, b/c they offer more sizes than just small medium and large. Filofax "Personal" fits LV Medium and another size they have fits LV Small.
    Also, some Filfofax refills come in a creme color which looks good with Damier and Monogram and Grizzli Epi.
  8. ^^ "Personal" fits Medium?? Awesome!! I love LV inserts and wouldn't mind the high prices for them, but they only have 1 week/2 pages refills and I need something more like 1 day/page. :sad:
  9. My boutique told me October for the 2008 refills. Boo, because I wanted to get them for someone sooner.
  10. I get mine in usually at around the same time you all do: early September.
  11. I think they do have the one page/day refills. I went with the two pages/1 week refills, but I think she asked which I wanted and if you check lv's website, they list the one page per day refill.

    ETA: I just realized you were talking about the medium agenda; I have the small and it's available, but maybe not for the medium, so I might be wrong! :smile:
  12. Does anyone know roughly how much the small agenda 1/day refills are? they're not available on elux. TIA!
  13. Nope, no one page/day refills for medium. My SA confirmed this.
  14. Does the refills start from September to September or January to January?
  15. January to January. They start selling them much earlier naturally.