Latest earrings selection :)

  1. To most of you who love Chanel earrings :tup:

    I'm an earrings lover and I always pay $$$ for Chanel, Dior, and Fendi accessories. You know Chanel got a best costume jewellry and sometimes when my sister send me pic of new model and wanna share those pic to you guys too.
    img10402123359.jpg img10402369918.jpg img10402406385.jpg img10402466745.jpg img10402582742.jpg
  2. more.....

    and I have to go to bed is too late at night. I hope everyone enjoy ZZzzzZZ
    img10402609604.jpg img10402610053.jpg img10402610066.jpg img10402610080.jpg img10402610158.jpg
  3. [​IMG]

    Love this one.. may I know how much the price in retail ?? TIA :love:
  4. They are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!
  5. so pretty! thanks for sharing. love the gold CCs on the half loop with the pearl clusters!!!!!
  6. thanks for sharing, i like the black CCs.
  7. wow, beautiful! :cutesy:
  8. very pretty. Thanks for sharing!
  9. They are stunning, thanks for the pics.
  10. Some of them are really cute, thanks!
  11. These pictures make me really wanna get some Chanel earrings, I was worried people would think they were fake, but now I don't care they are too cute!
  12. They are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.
  13. I agree with the fake thing bcuz there are sooo many out there. I love the black ones and I feel I need those white button ones. there's a cute pink pearl braclet coming out as well that matches those earrings. it has the cc dangling from it.saw it in the look book!
  14. Thanks for sharing!!!!
  15. I LOVE Chanel earrings, and these are beautiful! :tup:

    Are they all current styles?