Latest Designs from Vernis Collection

  1. Hie .... These 3 designs just came in to Malaysia last Sunday...The new color is so stunning!!I'm gonna get the round one in new color soon!!! They haven't launch these bags!so u guys are very lucky to see them first!!!:tup:
    Deqnor113.jpg Deqnor114.jpg
  2. Fantastic, Thank you!!!
  3. Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. awesome thanks!!!! amarante sunset will be mine sooooooooooooooon!
  5. I am MADLY in love with the bag in the first pic. Thanks for these great pics. :tup:
  6. omg! they are gorgeous!
  7. Thank you so very much :nuts: :yahoo:
  8. Thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!!

    I think I just saved a bunch of money LOL Although I'm getting some kind of bag in the Amarante color!
  9. I love all 3! I like the shape of the white one the best!
  10. Most welcome all!!! Nice huh..the new color is called Amarante?anyone can give the name of all those 3 new designs?
  11. Wow v. nice! Thanks for posting!
  12. Wow thank you for posting these pictures!!!
  13. Stunning. Thanks for posting the pics.
  14. thanks for sharing!
  15. The round one is called the Sunset Drive.