Latest delivery from MHB

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  1. Good thing DH is late tonight - UPS dropped off a big Tano box a little while ago... Pom Three Fer, Blueberry Minilisa, Onxy Tribal Master. I'm definitely keeping the Three Fer - it's much more prefect for me as a small bag than the PT. I really like the Tribal Master, it's very "me", but I'm not sure yet if she's a keeper since I haven't had time to really try it on. The Minilisa, along with the Pom PT from last week are both going back. The Minilisa seems too big and unstructured for me, and totally reminds me of the bags my mom carried in the 70s, at least that was my first thought - I haven't however, even take her out of the plastic, so maybe she'll seem different to me when I do.

    I'll take pics and post them tomorrow - that's not the sort of thing I can do when DH is around, he just wouldn't understand.
  2. I'm looking forward to your pics sweetie!

    The Minilisa is definitely much different than the Three Fer and Tribal Master. Can't wait to see what you think after you get a chance to try her on!
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOO wow thats a lot of bags in one box... divine!

    You can send that minilisa right on over to me if you want ;) lol! J/K J/K! It is definitely a very unstructured bag; I just can't help but love how it hangs on the shoulder though!

    The three fer is so cute... glad you like it! Definitely try your bags on and walk around with them a bit in the house; they are worth a second look as they are all beauties! Congrats!
  4. The minilisa definitely has kind of a retro feeling to it. It is the only one of my Tanos that my mother has ever complimented me on, probably because it reminds her of bags she had back in the 70's. Definitely pull it out of the plastic and walk around a bit with it so there is no question in your mind that it isn't for you. It has a terrific drop and carries a lot of stuff but the look isn't for everybody :smile:.
  5. Thank you! I will definitely spend some time tomorrow trying them on after I bring DS to school. It was so exciting to open the box up and see everything, and I'm happy that at least one is a definite keeper.
  6. Congrats! How do you like the velvet leather?
  7. It's really nice! I'm wondering how it will break in.
  8. I still haven't worn my SS yet, so I don't know. It does seem quite durable though :smile:
  9. I finally had some time to take a look at the bags again, take them out of the plastic, try them on, and preen in front of the mirror. I'm only going to keep the Three Fer. Although I love the look of the Tribal Master, it just seemed too rectangular to me, and didn't seem to sit right on my body. The Minilisa looked pretty good, surprising since I didn't like it last night, but I just didn't get that "oooh" reaction when I was looking in the mirror, like I did with the Ready Steady and Three Fer. I didn't take any pics - it's a miserable day here, weatherwise, and I have the blahs. I will take some tomorrow, though, of the bags I'm keeping.
  10. ^^ Glad to hear about the three fer and yes, no use keeping a bag that's only "meh"! Love your new avatar, I want spring to arrive!
  11. YAY! i was deciding between blueberry minilisa vs blueberry getting warmer...i hope you keep the mini! pictures :biggrin: i was also eyeing the pom three-fer, too! i'm glad you got it!
  12. Thanks! I can't wait for an occasion to take the Three Fer out. You totally hit on it with "meh" - that's exactly how I felt.

    Anyway, the Postage Tramp, Minilisa and Tribal Master all went back today. I really want a boogie - I like that style of bag alot - but I wanted grape and MHB is out. I'm not really fond of the new plum color, and anyway, I'm not really loving the brown trim on the new bags.
  13. Some of the plum jelly seem to have black trim, I think MHB lists the plum jelly Boogie with black trim.
  14. Please post a pic of your pom Three Fer....I am dying to see what it looks like...
  15. YES!! I noticed that earlier. I may call tomorrow and ask if MHB will do a partial exchange with what I sent back today.