Latest collection from chanel

  1. Kindly go to to view the latest collection.:nuts:

    The new "cloudy effect" lambskin looks good
    A35615 Y04590 71227..

    Anyone seen it IRL?? wonder how small/big is this bag??:p
  2. sorry for being off topic, is the bag in ur profile pic belongs to one of the latest collection? thx ;)
  3. that bag is from Nordstrom's chanel sale...I believe Chanel Boy had posted this in one of his threads in "chanel shopping"
  4. No, not the latest..(from chanelboy post):p..just bght one in black/cream at a disct in beijing last week. luv the colour combination so much..hehehe
  5. oh ok, fun bag =)
  6. OK, gals just seen the above bag in IRL... super gorgeous colour/sizeable too..I'm trying to get my birkin got to let this "go"...
    as for the price it is $4450 in sing dollar (abt US$2880)
  7. Yup..casual/fun bag...the print is totally different from my avatar..sorry don't have the necessary "tools" to post the pics of my bags.:p
  8. awww want to look at ur bag...>.<