Latest Aust Birkin Purchase

  1. Has anyone purchased any birkins from an Australian H Boutique lately. If so what kind and the price please. Trying to get an idea on the amount I should be aiming to save SOONER rather than later. Thank You....
  2. Depends on what you are looking for. For basic leather like togo and clemence size 35 birkin AUD$11,000 tax included. I'm currently on the waiting list. The quickest you will get it by the end of year.
  3. If you define recently as 2 or 3 months or so ago i remember GF recently bought a birkin from the sydney store, shes in NY right now shopping at H! lol so when she comes back I'm sure she will answer your question
  4. Hmmm...I think I'd like to know this as well, for the same reasons.
  5. I bought mine over a year ago. Mine was chevre so there's a 10% premium on top of the standard price. I think it was approx $11300 AUD.

    I figure it'll cost about the same if I were to purchase a Birkin from Paris. By the time I add the airfare, accommodation costs etc etc, it'll work out to be the same price.
  6. i bought my BJ 35 last year April the price is around 11800AUD (after tax) , another Epsom 30 last year at Oct around $10400 (after Tax)

    if you are traveller, you can get aorund 10% tax refund if you go back to your country within 30 days. after the purchase

    Since the AUD is so high, you will be expecting to pay premium price compare to other countries.