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  1. It's been a while but got round to taking some pics, the sandals i got for Christmas!



    Plus my OH and his Dior watch which I think is a bit girly but he loves it (so much that he bought 2, the other one is white, he's a shopaholic :nogood:)

    He's pledging allegiance to Dior although it sort of looks like cupping:nuts:

  2. Keep meaning to take pics of the stuff my OH receives too, this is from last year. Lots of really cool pics in it...


  3. :lol: at the cupping...

    your new additions are beautiful... i'm loving the purple !
  4. Your OH looks amazing! Love the watch and the tie, and your evening Lady Dior :drool:
  5. Love the shoes and the bags!!!! And your OH looks so chic with his new watch!!!! :tup:
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    Last edited: Jul 29, 2009
    aaah here is the reveal! :yahoo:Those sandals are gorgeous! And your hubby looks staggering in this suit with the watch, perfection!
  7. oooo! congrats on all the great new purchases! love love love that bag!
  8. congratz!!!! all the Dior items are fab! i have that booklet as well ;)
  9. congratulation the cannage shoes are GORGEOUS !!!
  10. WOWOW Audrey, what a Dior gorgeousness overload!!! I love every piece you posted! And your HD is super stylish, even when he is cupping lol.... :biggrin:
  11. Thanks everyone. I know I have more stuff to take pics of. My OH received a Dior Homme bag a while back, think it was like a camera/messenger type but neither of us know what he's done with it. Am sure there was some perfume and another notepad too...

    There's another purple evening bag similar to the black one but I can't find it. Ok, now I know I have too many bags :nuts:

    Didn't think OH would be too please about my cupping comments, but after all your nice comments I may show him this. He just got back from Texas and I don't think the majority of people he met really appreciated his style with one waitress asking him if he was a game show host :confused1:
  12. I think I want your hubby´s job ! :nuts: and the bags you dont know where they are, since you dont need them anyway:graucho:

    Well tell your hubby that European chicks think he looks tres chic;)
  13. omg i need that lady dior *drools* its so shiny and black! :graucho:
  14. I love everything you posted. Very nice.
  15. I'd have to find them first :nuts:
    Will do, am sure he loves his work but not so keen on the travelling to the same place all the time...

    Thanks again everyone, here's a pic of my Dior in action, sorry for the poor quality though, camera on the iphone isn't the greatest...
    You can't really see it but I have my Dior chain on too, that one was lost for about 3 months but I finally found it!