latest additions!

  1. I went to King of Prussia this weekend to search for toki, and sadly the only bags i found were bianco stellina, ciao ciao, and BV and L'Amore canguros, none of which are bags i really want....but i did find an awesome tarina tarantino necklace at the sanrio store for 50% off!!!!

    plus, my rainbow necklace came in the mail today, it's on a shorter chain which makes me super happy, and i tossed in some pics of the last two T4LS items i picked up a few weeks ago, AS denaro & inferno porta




  2. Great finds! I love your rainbow necklace!! I also really like how the toothbrushing devil is perfectly placed on your Porta =) So adorable!
  3. Aw very cute!:tup:
  4. Oh, how CUTE! That neckless is adorable!

    And your AS Denaro and Inferno Porta too!:yes:
  5. the necklaces are so cute but the ones i've seen have really long chains and i hate that. yours is adorable though
  6. thanks! i hated the long chain too. way too long to be practical. short is good tho!

    i may need to get another one so i can wear them all at the same time:heart:
  7. That's an awesome deal on the necklace. Why can't the sanrio store by me put them on sale? :crybaby:
  8. i think they're just older neckllaces that never sold. sanrio isn't really a huge thing in that mall, because it's like high end, so most ppl go there for coach and abercrombie and other lame, minimally cute things, so i guess the super cute stuff gets overlooked. hahaha no offence to all you coach fans, i've had a few myself but they're not as cute as toki imo!

    but that just means more cute stuff for me.
  9. Congrats on your stuff, it's adorable!!
    How did you get your rainbow on a shorter chain? Did you switch it yourself? :confused1:
  10. the girl i bought it from on eBay already had it on a different chain @ a discount & let me choose the chain & length, which was really awesome
  11. That is super cool!! :tup: Congrats!!
  12. Labor Day weekend - the Tarina Tarantino Puff Head collection will be 75% off at the Times Square, San Francisco Centre and Ala Moana Sanrio stores. Momoberry by Sanrio in Beverly Hills will also have 75% off these necklaces....