latest addition to the family, ro for pix

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  1. the red e/w flap w/ the new chain. I love this bag, so much that I want a med. one.

    it retails for $1475CAD + 14% taxes.
    chanel pearls 009.jpg chanel pearls 010.jpg chanel pearls 012.jpg
  2. :nuts:

    I see somebody's been holding out on us...absolutely STUNNING Irene. :drool:

    She is a beauty and you look like you belong in the pages of Vogue carrying her!! :yes:

    Congratulations again!!! :heart:
  3. WOWOWOW!! I will never tire of looking at red Chanel flaps. :love: I'd kill for a medium too! Congrats, it looks GORGEOUS on you! :yahoo:
  4. :shame: you're so sweet, it's such a compliment coming from you. she certainly is a beauty though.
  5. Oh! It's gorgeous on you.
  6. if the medium doesn't come soon I'm gonna be :nuts: from looking at all these lovely red flaps
  7. tks MzSherry and aprilvalentine. i actually saw both med. and e/w when i went in, but passed on the med (which luckily went to another pf'er) but now kicking myself for it. Both sizes are now completely sold out in Canada, i will just have to wait patiently for them to turn up in the U.S.
  8. I'm only telling the truth!! Really gorgeous, both you and the E/W :flowers:
  9. lol...i think alot of ladies are vying for the med. i really like the fact that this e/w has the double chain, which makes it more versatile. i love the look of the bijoux chain on the smaller flaps.
  10. love the red and new chain combo!! congrats!
  11. The red is really beautiful. I'm actually jealous. :drool:
    Enjoy it. You look great with it.
  12. Gorgeous! You look perfect with it, congrats. =)
  13. It is gorgeous on you! Did you buy it on Bloor or at Holts?
  14. Princess Jenn...u r the bestest.
  15. Bloor, I actually called Holts first, but was told there was none available, so then I contacted my SA at bloor and there happened to be a med and the e/w, but this was a couple weeks ago, i didn't buy this today.