Latest addition to my Mulberry family...

  1. Here are a couple of pics of the latest addition to my Mulberry family - the bottle green washed nappa Joni.


    :shame: OMG I am SO embarrassed at the state of my mirror...

    The colour is much lighter than bottle green - more of a forest green, I think. The first picture is quite a good representation. However, it's hard to know whether it's the original colour or whether it's faded. My coffee Joni is a few different shades (the slouchy part of the bag is lighter than the more fitted part and the strap is a different shade entirely) but I can't remember if it was always like that. I suspect it was.

    It's actually in really good condition considering it's been lying around in a store for a year :lol: However, it came without a dustbag or care card so I'll be contacting Mulberry tomorrow to ask for them to be sent to me.

    All in all, I think it's a fab bargain, and I'm really pleased with it. Plus, Mr dita likes it - yay :yahoo:
  2. Great bag , the leather looks very soft and I love the way that the bag moulds its self around your hip when worn , great colour also :tup:
  3. Fab and what a great bargain. i really like green bags!
  4. WOnderful bag and what a great buy!!! Get me one of those bargains will ya???
  5. Thanks for the pics, it looks great! What a brilliant bargain you got. I'm going to Shepton tomorrow to see if they have any Jonis in claret and hope they're £150 too.
  6. I like it! You're ready for spring!
  7. Lovely :heart:
  8. I love it!!! Congratulations!!!
  9. Just back from Shepton where they had Dita's green Joni for £150. What a bargain! I was sorely tempted but they had the claret which I just adored. Bad news was it was still £247. I so very nearly bought it there and then as it is just perfect for me but I've got to hold out until the sale. That bag has my name on it though!
  10. Thanks, ladies. Just phoned York (and Shepton) - there is a shortage of dustbags at the moment :rolleyes: but they said that, if I phone back after Christmas, they'll send me one then :woohoo:

    SJ - glad you liked the claret. It's a lovely shade, isn't it? Hope it gets further reduced after Christmas. They've been hanging around the warehouse for a while now (I got my coffee Joni in the sale last Christmas) so they'll need to reduce them if they're to shift, I reckon.
  11. Apparently the claret is a good seller which is why it's not been reduced, according to the SA. :tdown:

    I'm pinning my hopes on it being reduced. I just couldn't pay £100 more when I knew the green one was sitting on the shelf at the fab price of £150. :nogood:
    Even if it doesn't come down to that price at least I should get it a bit cheaper than £250 in the sale.
    SA confirmed the SM sale should start on Dec 27.
  12. The sale starts there on December 27th? I could have sworn someone said it was January 27th? Help :smile:

  13. Give 'em a quick call just to be on the safe side!! I'm poo,I really can't trust my memory on these things,Andy usually has to remind me!!
  14. Fab!!

    Make sure you ring and follow up about your dustbag too!

    Enjoy it

  15. It is definitely Dec 27 - my invitation arrived yesterday. Starts 10am.