Latest addition to my Chloe collection - a Python Betty in Camel! *Pics*

  1. Hi all!

    I just wanted to share my new baby with you - the Python Betty in Camel :love:

    I picked this beauty up on sale in Selfridges for a fabulous price! This is my third Betty now and I love it! I hope you guys do too :flowers:



  2. Lovely!!!!
  3. oh my god

    THAT IS GORGEOUS :biggrin:

    Oooooh details, was she a real real bargain????

    oh I love love love her, you lucky gal!!!

    im swooning here
  4. Very cute bag! Congrats!
  5. oo gorgeous bag! Congrats!!
    I was considering buying one..but they were out of my price range!
  6. Thanks everyone! :heart:

    Selfridges on Oxford Street still had a couple of these in the larger size late last week but I grabbed the last small one. They were 50% off so well worth a look ;)
  7. :drool: guess where i'm going tomorrow!

    congrats, she's gorgeous!:smile:
  8. Ooh, that is a beautiful bag. Congrats & great find!
  9. It's such a gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!!!
  10. that is gorgeous!!! congrats! (and what a great deal)!
  11. :blush:OmyGOSH; smoking HOT!
  12. Chloe makes the HOTTEST Python bags! :drool:

    And yours is certainly not an exception!
    CONGRATS on your python Betty, and thanks for sharing! :flowers:
  13. :nuts: :drool: SO PRETTY!!! I love it... :heart:

    :woohoo: Congrats~
  14. What a beautiful bag! Makes me sad that I live in CA where we can't get such bags!!!
  15. Love it, reminds me of Roz's cafe--did the do the Python in beige and cafe?