Latest addition to HG's family

  1. Now that GT's back we can all go about the business of posting pics of new purchases.

    Shopmom, this is your doing, I got jealous of all your Kellys. And my sole Kelly was looking a little lonely so I got her a playmate. The conversation with my SA went like this:

    HG: I think it's time for a new Kelly

    SA: Let me guess, 28cm black box with gold hardware?

    HG: Hmm, I see I've become a forgone conclusion with you.

    SA: *smirk*I may have something for you (Exit stage left, returning very quickly with a 28cm Kelly in black box with gold hardware, but revertier (what they now call souple, I will confirm spelling later)

    HG: It's nice but I really had in mind a rigide.

    SA: What?

    HG: Oh, silly me. Sellier.

    SA: I'll call you when one comes in.

    HG: Beautiful.

    Guess who leaves a voicemail for me the very next day, not even 24 hours? That's right! And the beauty of it is that she was still wrapped in plastic when I finally got to lay my hands on her. How's that for service?

    The new bubala, touched only by my hands and the craftsman's:

  2. I love it! Gorgeous!
  3. How perfect...:love:
  4. Oh just kill me NOW!!!!! TDF!

    LOL - and I'm so humbled and honored that you waited for me!!!
    Me going on vacation has proved to be luck-inducing for quite a few ladies around here.

    "DH.....!!!!!!!We need to go to Paris/Hawaii/NYC.....)
  5. Wow wow wow!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!!
  6. :yahoo: It's so beautiful!!!! Congrats:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations, HG! You lucky lady!!! Now that's one beautiful and classy Kelly!
  8. OMG HG! She's GORGEOUS!!!!! :yahoo: :upsidedown: :upsidedown: :yahoo: Oops I got so excited I threw myself upside down by mistake!!!!!!!

    She's a beauty, HG.....wear her well and OFTEN!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  9. stunning bag! impeccable service! Congrats to you!
  10. :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:

    Beautiful bag! Congratulations! Wear her in good health! :party:
  11. Love Love Love it!!! Black all the way!! And brand new!! nice hermesgroupie...:yahoo:
  12. Wow!! Congrats and enjoy -- no more lonely la la.........
  13. What a beauty!!! Congratulations!!!
  14. That is a cute bag. Congrats on your new bag !!:wlae:
  15. Thanks for the compliments, ladies!!!

    On an even happier note, I was able to finally contact my SA. I was really worried about him and found a way to get in touch. He and everyone at Hermes are safe and sound. So we have another reason to celebrate tonight!!!! Doing the happy dance!!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: