latest addiction - ysl large white muse!

  1. after my paddy pocket and city b-bag...i think ive found my latest craving...

    the YSL muse in white in the largest size is absolutely gorgeous. i was at the YSL store the other day, and it looked so good on. just sitting on the shelf it looks ok, kinda normal but when you have it looks absolutely stunnig - its very easy to match, very versatile and there arent a lot of fancy designs and crazy stuff going on making it such a classic bag!

    oh i wish i had the money!!!
  2. I believe so! Love the shape at the first sight!

    Since you mentioned, how large is the largest one? Was wondering whether it will fit for a 5'4" :smile: and how much is it?
  3. It is a lovely bag (and has a classic, clean look). The medium is 1095. The large is 1195 and the 'oversize' (biggest one) is 1295. The white is definitely stunning!
  4. Not a bad price :smile: I would love to have a white too!
  5. joyfishyu - wait till you see it and try it on in person...its gorgeous. im 5'4 as well and i originally liked the medium one, but then i decided to give the large a try and it looked amazing!

    correct me if im wrong but are the ones we see on most celebs the oversize?
  6. Exactly!! I think they are reasonable given how nice they are (and big). I've seen alot of posts on here where the they have been around your height and say the oversize is not too big for them. The only reason I did not get an oversize is because I feared that someday the big bag craze might be gone and I wanted have something this classic looking be useable (other than as a smaller piece of luggage) all the time. The oversize in white (or any color for that matter) is really nice and the size just adds to the attractiveness of the bag.
  7. correct me if im wrong but are the ones we see on most celebs the oversize?

    You are correct. Many of the celebs you seen in the pics are carrying the oversize one.

    If you do get a chance, you should try both the large and oversize and see which you like best.

    You can't go wrong picking this bag as your next!
  8. Goldensx5 - did you get a muse in the large? i seriously think i might go ahead and make this purchase...arg this is terrible haha maybe i should block PF haha coming here makes me crave for so many bags lol!!

    does anyone know the return policy at YSL?
  9. Yes, I have a large in black that I got from Bergdorf Goodman (Carla). I got a medium in white from the Saks NYC store (Ndo is very nice and helpful). The large is a nice size bag. Sorry, but I don't know the return policy for YSL. Good luck!
  10. Good luck getting one!!! The largest size of the Muse is in fact called oversized. then there is large,medium and small.

    I would love to see piccies when you get your bag!!

    (I think the oversized suits all hieghts of people as long as they are thin. I just think that a slightly rounded person such as myself would look like a house lugging one around.

    So in case anyone hasn't heard it yet:P ,I'm getting the large in black:lol: ).
  11. NM and Saks online are out of the large muse - does anyone know if bloomies or Nordstroms carries them?

    want a good return policy just in case something else comes along...but i think this is probably a keeper :biggrin:!

    quirkycool! be sure to post pics of you with the bag since black is a possible option for me now considering that i want the muse to an everday bag! it is absolutely gorgeous! when r u getting urs!! :love:
  12. Select Nordstrom stores do (San Diego, Friars Rd. does for sure) but not a large selection. They were out when I tried them but they could have definitely restocked. Not sure about Bloomies.