Latest acquisitions!

  1. Transparent Inclusion bracelet & Framboise ring!

    I had such a great shopping experience as well. My SA and I are starting to build a bond, and he showed me the new phone charms with the clear flat bubbles (he's reserving the key ring version of this for me, which I fell in love with once I saw rileygirl and disney with them). I also put my name down for the Miroir Lockit, even though it is pretty much booked full already. He showed me shoes that'll match with the Lockit if I do end up getting it :graucho:. I have high doubts, but we'll see!

    I just called 866 and ordered size 50 of the Framboise ring because I got 53 and I'm finding it a *tad* big. I'll see which one fits better. Also, I have a question: which Inclusion bracelet will look best with the transparent bracelet and Framboise ring? My SA thinks it'll look funny if I'm too matchy-matchy: like wearing Framboise bracelet with Framboise ring. I agree, but I LOVE Framboise! Should I get the Pomme bracelet to wear with the transparent? Would that look too much with 3 colours? TIA!
    lvinclusionbracelet.jpg lvinclusionring.jpg inclusionbracelet.jpg inclusionring.jpg
  2. congrats! i love the inclusion line! they both look INCREDIBLE on you!
  3. Hmm Pomme might look okay with them... i Guess you kind of have to try them on all together...
    Or how about another clear bracelet?
    Congrats on you new purchases!
    That ring is very pretty :yes:
  4. Those are very cute! I think the Pomme would look excellent with the Transparent.
  5. Congrats
  6. Congrats- they look great on you
  7. Congrats Peach!!!!! I just purchased the Clear Inclusion Bangle too!!! I absolutely love your ring.
  8. congrats!
  9. They are gorgeous. Congrats!
  10. Awesome! I'm jealous. I've been trying to hunt down framboise cles, ring, and bracelet and all places have the items reserved for people. :crybaby:
  11. congrats!
  12. :graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:Peach,

    You are KILLING ME!!! You collection is going to be TDF in another month. LOL

    I've been wanting that clear inclusion but there's none left where I live.

    If you're going to get one more you may want to look for that lighter pink one or the beige one. You prob. won't be able to get it through LV, will have to look on eBay but I think it'd look better than the Pomme.

    Congratz girlie!!

    What's next?:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  13. love them, congrats!
  14. Omg Love Them
  15. congats!