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  1. Well, here she is, the latest addition to my Hermes family. 35cm black box Birkin with gold hardware.

  2. OMG!OMG! GORGEOUS!! Can I borrow it? (you know I am just kidding!) Congrats! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. she is BEAUTIFUL!
  4. Can I say just flat out GORGEOUS?!!!

    It is the cousin to my lone black box Kelly gold hw. Love it and you will really enjoy that purchase!
  5. Love it! The sheen is gorgeous!
  6. There is nothing like black box - just incredible! Use it with :heart:
  7. OMG.....she's stunning!!!!:love: :love: :love: Stunning!!!!:love: :love:

    Congratulations, Heremesgroupie and wear her in good health and happiness!!!!!

    She's stunning.......did I say that already!?!?!?!?:blink: :blink: :blink:
  8. Absolutely wonderful.....DROOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!
  9. Hermesgroupie....I think it's about time for a family foto! Hmmm????
  10. Incredibly beautiful bag!!!
  11. Here's the updated family photo. Did I mention I like black bags? I mean, reeeeaaaalllly, like black bags. I also like Hermes's less mainstream bags.

  12. OMG,'ve just made my otherwise pretty bland day!!!! Thank GOD there's someone else out there in the world who loves black as much as I do!!!! What a collection! :amazed:

    Thank you for posting....I'm going back to take another look.
  13. I LOVE:love: :heart: :love: your bag collection, and I love box calf, beautiful!:yes:
  14. I'm back and all I have to say is that you must have a lot of fun deciding which bag to use every day. Every one of them is a beauty!

    I love the pop of the gold (?) makes me think that my idea for the 28cm black box kelly really should be a different you use that one a lot? I really, really like that color.....
  15. did I mention I LOVE :heart: this bag?... congratulations:P
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