Later for The Fly Girls, I'm a Zucca Spy Girl!

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  1. Finally got my Zucca Spy!!!!!!! Thank you girls! Most of you knew how bad I wanted this bag and some of you have even PMed me to lemme know when one was available on eBay. Thanks s'much! :love::shame: :crybaby::smile: :nuts: :kiss:

    Now, back to the, erm, s'cuse me... I mean, back to MY Zucca... I'm so happy! :party:Never thought a handbag could bring me so much joy. Love my Zucca! Love being able to say "my" zucca instead of "the" zucca. There's something very ethnic and beautiful and exotic about it. Love the handles! I just Love everything and everyone right now! I'd even go on "Flavor of Love" n' tell Flavor Flav "I Love you Flav". Then come to my senses and run in the opposite direction, arms flailing like a scared, little girl. Ya know, like how Steven Segal runs.

    As soon as I figure out how to post pix, I'll do so. Any and all tips on how I can do this will be greatly appreciated. I've tried the "manage attachments" thing and it just says "uploading file(s) - please wait" and seems to freeze.

    Thanks again ladies!
  3. Congrats katgrrrl!! I know you've waited for such a long time for the zucca! It definitely was a well-deserved wait:yahoo:

    Would love to see pics!
  4. I don't know you, but I now offically love you.

  5. :love: Awwwww, thanx girls! Nancy, Py, can y'all gimme some tips on how I can get my pix up? I dunno what I'm doin' wrong, but I can't get 'em up. I need some post-pics viagra.

    GayleLV, nice to meet you! I'm Kat:lol: (<---funny thing is, I really do look that goofy!) ... and I Loooooove you too!!!!!! (((((HUGGGGGGGGGS)))))
  6. So glad you finally got the bag of your dreams, you have waited so long for it. Cannot wait to see pictures. I had awful trouble posting pictures on here, but you need to take the pictures on the smallest setting of the camera, then I downsize the pictures when they go onto the computer by 50%, that seems to do the trick I can then attach them on the thread. good Luck
  7. Katgrrrl You look so happy, I love that! Congrats to you!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. YAY!! CONGRATS Kat, can't wait to see pics of your darling SPY!!:love:
  9. Congrats Katgrrrl...

    i can feel u're on top of the's such a great bag with the combination of "zucca" and "spy model"....

    wanna c ur zucca spy soon...
  10. Lemme see if this works...
  11. Finally!:queen:

    Okay, now that I got the gist of this photo sharin' stuff (thanx Siach!!!), I'll post s'more...later...when I take s'more.
  12. [​IMG]

    here you go :smile:
  13. Modeling Pics Please!!!!!!
  14. is that candy in the background??
  15. She is stuning Kat congrats! Gosh this leather is completely amazing!:love: