Lately I've really been loving my [fill in the blank]!

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  1. I usually just visit the Chanel forum or LV forum but I thought it would be fun to have a general thread for everyone to post their favorites. That way we get to see everyone's bags!! Please post pics with your entry.

    Ok, lately I've really been into my red epi speedy! I never thought I would ever have an LV (no offense, but Chanel is my first love, see avatar) but I just love the epi leather and am amazed at all the compliments I get on this bag.
  2. Coach leather hobos!
  3. tobacco paddy....
  4. my mj quilted keypouch turned wallet!
  5. I caught the speedy bug too! I looooove my toledo blue epi 30. I just swtiched over to the legacy coach hobo I bought yesterday since I'm taking my kids on a field trip tuesday and speedy is not field trip material! :biggrin: I'm loving the hobo too, though!
  6. I love my new Coach legacy's heavy but I love it and it's really a great bag.
  7. My black Balenciaga First:love:
  8. My Kelly, especially when she is all 'dressed up'!:love:
    k1.jpg k2.jpg purse1.jpg
  9. LV denim sac a dos
  10. all of my balenciaga :P
  11. My smaller pochette-type purses - LV graffiti, Burberry Icons, Coach
  12. ^^
    OMG... that was my 1000th post!!!
  13. Balenciaga Rouge Vif First
  14. MJ Capra Satchel!!
    Shrink 1 okay.jpg
  15. my chanel cerf :heart: :heart: