lately i have been finding myself liking all the accessories...

  1. since joining tPF, i have been finidng myself attracted to all the mini skinnies, pochettes, wristlets and wallets from coach. my mom bought me both a writstlet, and a pouch, and a have a coach wallet and the louis mono equivalent of the skinny. i obviously have no use for these things and would b better saving my $ for a bag big enough to use every day, but these little goodies are just so cute! i mean, the legacy wallets are tdf!
  2. I know! Seriously- how many wristlets can a girl NEED? I love them, too! Accessories can be a kind of 'fix' for me between bag purchases!
  3. I agree! They do work as a "fix" but, like gabz said, it doesn't take many accessory purchases to equal one nice bag. I've never had a problem with justifying my bag purchases but I sometimes have a problem with the accessories - especially the expensive Legacy ones. In my warped mind, spending $200 on a bag is better and different than spending $200 on a wallet. Not quite sure of the logic there... LOL.
  4. Yeah I had never even heard of or had wristlets then after hanging around here "suddenly" 6 were in my closet, LOL!!
  5. I know how you feel. I really want an acordian zip around, but I just cant justify the price tag. I can put a few more dollars in, and have a bag. Personally id rather have bags than accessories lol