Late to the Poppy Party!

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  1. When Poppy line first came out I thought they were so tacky, like the Dooney bags that were trying too hard to sell to the younger consumer. So I just ignored them when buying Coach.

    I was looking at them closer because the last PCE you can use online and that's the way I love to shop. Oh, boy big mistake. I was looking at trying desperately to decide what bag to buy and started looking at the Poppy line for a laugh or two. But I wasnt laughing! I realized there was some "subtle" bags, like the Op Art, Signature and the Black Patent and I see the pretty colors I missed for the summer, all fakes on ebay, so cant buy the ones that are discontinued. Now I am obsessed! I saw the graffiti wristlet and thought they must be coming out with a tote, riiiiiiiiiight?? I bought the wristet with PCE. But still waiting no tote!

    Well it's not on the site but I actually dragged my butt to the Coach store and there was the tote, I grabbed it off the display, almost knock s--t down, you know. Tried it on, LUVV:love: bought it.

    But now you know the drill. Now I want the black patent one!! The problem is............I got no more friggin' $$$! I'm thinking of taking out of my savings, I know its a no-no, but now I am obsessed. I saw the jazzy hobo on the China site with BRASS, want so bad, but they dont have it here, prob. would rob a bank if I had to (I KID!) if they had that here. What if I buy the black patent tote or even the black patent hobo, then the brass which I really want comes here?! That's more $$$!!

    What to do?? Should I wait, should I buy what I see now? Are these bags as durable as the regular Madison, Hampton, etc. lines, anyway? Help me please, thanks!!

  2. I have the black patent tote. It is totally gorgeous and the lining is TDF..I know I'm not helping. When I see a bag i gotta have usually I end up with it. I hate waiting and you never know. You may regret it if you don't get what you love.:tender:
  3. I have an op art glam tote and I love it! I'm not a huge Poppy fan, but I love the glam totes.

    Here's a couple of pics of mine:

  4. NICE! Stunning and simple Op Art. But when Poppy was first introduced I thought it was tacky, so I never paid attention. And then I end up getting the friggin Graffiti; I want to use it as a travel tote.
  5. It'll make a great travel tote!
    I keep going back to this bag because it's so comfy and roomy. It's quickly become my "go to" bag. You'll enjoy it!
  6. Cute! I love the Glam tote!