Late to the party, I'm joining the Rouge Vif club

  1. Whoohoo! I have strep throat for the 2nd time this schoolyear (I'm a teacher and those kiddies are germ carriers) and let me tell you, a BBag is the BEST medicine. I luuurve it! I was happy to see the leather was as smooshy and supple as an 05. Yeah!:rochard: It really is amazing the difference a flash can have on a bag's color, too.


    Now for the Day-Glo flash picture....
  2. awwwww congrats...this is such a lovely colour.... and the leather hmmm:heart: :heart: :heart:
    still on the hunt for one like that..
  3. That is one HOT HOT HOT bag!!!!!!! Congrats and enjoy, and feel better soon! :heart: :heart:
  4. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  5. THAT is GORGEOUS!!!!:love:
  6. Beautiful. I would like that to be my next bag.
  7. congrats!!! u'll be the hottest teacher carrying that red :yahoo:
  8. TUCKER!!!!!!!! That is GORGEOUS:love: GORGEOUS:heart: GORGEOUS:love: !!!! So~ is it true that Bbags cure strep throat?:nuts: LOL

    I'm sooo happy for you that you found your hot red bag!!! Hope you feel better!!!:heart:
  9. Gorgeous Rouge Vif city!!! I hope it continues to make you feel better! Get well soon!
  10. LOVE IT!!! Haha, I'm sick too, so I got a rouge vif Campagnon:smile: Truly agree that it's the best medicine (bought a black -03 weekender as well...)!

  11. omg that leather!!!! congratulations!!!
  12. gorgeous! congrats and feel better!
  13. Yummy scrummy lovely leather.....
  14. Congratulations! That would be so awesome to get a Bbag every time I got sick, it would definitely make me look forward to cold and flu season.
  15. beautiful color. love the distressing on the leather...congrats!