Late to the Party...But She's Here!!!

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  1. Missed out on this gorgeous bag on Gilt (was a newby and didn't hit the trigger quick enough...LOL). I called Gilt right away, and was put at the top of the list for this beauty. So, my Wishlist bag came through and here she is...



    As if everyone hasn't seen enough of this bag, sorry, just had to show mine!:yahoo:
  2. Gorgeous! I love this color combo with the blue edging :drool:

    Congrats on scoring one!
  3. This bag is freaking GORGEOUS.
  4. This bag is TDF. Congrats on scoring it.
  5. congrats!!! wonderful pictures - so happy you were able to snag this beauty!
  6. this is my favorite color that the hillary comes in. i'm so glad you were able to score one after missing out. the brown with blue edge paint kills me every time. congrats!
  7. Thanks Lilah, Marcgirl, and Dawn. I feel so luck to have gotten one from the Wishlist!
  8. Thanks, Girlfriend! MJ sure knows how to make an awesome bag, doesn't he!
  9. Thanks, tad! I was so excited when the UPS man came. I couldn't wait to get that box open! I love the blue edge paint too, the dangling lock and rings. I think Hillary is so pretty in the brown.
  10. congrats, so how can you still snatch it if it's sold out?? love the tassels..
  11. Thanks! You tag Waitlist, and hope they get more or someone returns one. So, I felt really lucky when I got an email saying I could buy it.
  12. sooooo pretty! i love it! how about some modeling pics?
  13. gorgeous! Hillary mania is back!
  14. yes, hillary mania! i love this bag. so, so much! the brown is to die for. literally! please post modeling pics!

  15. OH....!!!!!:nuts::faint::nuts: Your bag is stunning! Congrats!