Late REVEAL of my Patent Bay Hobo!

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  1. Hi Chloe ladies:heart:,

    I've been meaning to post a reveal of my little beauty :cloud9: -- the Patent Bay Hobo!

    This is my first patent bag ever, and so far, it's holding up fantastically! I'm so in love with the softness of the bag, even though it's patent, the detailing, the colour!

    It fits on my shoulder so nicely; so comfy! I adore it. I still caress it every time I use her!

    Here are some modelling pics!:biggrin:

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  2. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  3. Congrats. It's beautiful!
  4. Chloe patent is the best...congrats, and welcome to Chloe...
  5. congrats!!
  6. The patent Bay is GORGEOUS! :nuts: The color is SO beautiful in the patent. I am not usually a fan of patent bags, but this is THE exception for me - on the Bay. Lovely, lovely!! :love:
  7. GORGEOUS!! Congratulations on a beautiful bag -- love the Chloe patent!!
  8. congrats!!!!luv it!
  9. very pretty congrats!
  10. Very beautiful.

  11. Gorgeous! Looks great on you. Congrats!
  12. Thanks for all your "thanks"! I love this bag... it's so cute! My next purchase will be the quilted bay... hopefully! :drool::drool::drool:
  13. Ooops... I meant to say Thanks for all your "congrats"! It's too early in the morning... need coffeeeeee!:P
  14. Oooooh I love it!!! Love the colour. :biggrin:
  15. Simply adorable :yahoo:, congrats :yahoo:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!