late night snack

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  1. oh my! I just had cheesecake and it's 11:40 pm. It was so yummy.

    What was your late night snack?
  2. I had a small bowl of Ben and Jerry's chocolate brownie ice cream... more sit ups tomorrow!
  3. i had a bowl of ramen w/ eggs... i was so hungry and there's not much food in the house!
  4. I ordered pizza last night! Yummmmmmm!
  5. Well it depends on how late I plan on staying up after I eat.

    While pulling an all nighter, I think I consumed 2 bowls of easy mac, a bagel, ice cream, and a whole lot of pretzels!!!! :shame:
  6. I had Godiva truffles and some golden raisins.
  7. A bowl of Special K Vanilla Almonds with soy milk.
  8. I had a mint chocolate square that the hotel leaves on our pillow.
  9. Depends on my mood, but I often like cereal as a late night snack.
  10. mac n cheese
  11. buttered corn!
  12. When I'm hungry at late at night I carve... a banana or a cooked apple!:drool:
  13. goat cheese and bread!
  14. I like having pizza as a late night snack.
  15. I'm eatin some gold fish right now!