Late night shopping Isabella Fiore Cory bag

  1. Late Late at night is the prime shopping time for me. Also the prime Impulsive shopping time. But I have wanted this bag from IF since it came out long ago. IF has always been a favorite of mine but I since sold all but one of my IF bags (except Audra) due to not using them. I decided to go back to my former Love and get something that wasn't polluted with Flowers or Pirates, or Love & Peace Insignias. Does anyone like this bag? Do you like it or do you wanna take a bet on how fast it'll be relisted on me! LOL

  2. I really like that bag- so where is the listing?
  3. No Listing. I was just kidding that I would turn around and resell it like I do alot of bags I get and decide I don't want. I expect to hang on to this one....for awhile at least. I don't like alot of IF bags nowdays so I better keep what I like.
  4. It's a great color (and I empathize, late night impulse purchases! eeek!) but have you seen this IRL? I've noted that everytime i fall in love with an IF satchel type bag, it always surprises me how big it is when i try it on somewhere! I do love IF, though! Congrats!
  5. Oh Yeah, I've had alot of IF bags and I am quite prepared to have this little satchel weigh 32 lbs empty. It's the thing about IF bags I don't care for but I love some of their styles, older ones anyway. I had bought an Elaina Tote from NM a couple years ago and sold it, not because of the weight (although it was probably the heaviest bag I had ever owned) but because it was just too big. My stuff was lost in a vast hole of darkness. But what a beauty it was.
  6. Oh, this bag is so pretty! I am not a IF bag fan, but I have to say this bag is a beauty. But just to look at it already makes my shoulder hurt...
  7. Its a nice bag Lexie - but for some reason I can't picture you with it - it dosen't seem like your style - compared with the other bags you have got/showed us before. To be honest I get a feeling when you get it there will be something that will bother you and you will sell it right away :p

    I hope you will prove me wrong!:graucho:
  8. Oh Ten. Am I that transparent??? LOL
    I would say this does stray from my norm but it's something I've wanted when I first saw it come out. That had to be 2 years ago. I call that marvelous restraint! But there it my most vulnerable impulsiveness...LOL...and I hit that BIN. Of course I know myself better than anyone so if I was a betting woman I'd lay odds on it being on eBay next week :nuts: I have to be brutally honest. It's the nature of my personal demons.
  9. I have two IF bags the whipstitch Elaina in bronze and another black hobo, and I love them both! They are heavy compared to my Miu Miu, but thank God I don't carry a lot in my bags. The thing I love about them is the quality-they will last forever and they have really beautiful details on them. I am not into the whole floral thing that she did, but these I truly love!