Late night reveal!

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  1. Its 2am here and I just got home from work and can't sleep so I'll do a reveal on my very first CLs!!! Anybody with me? :graucho:
  2. I'm here ... Show us :0)
  3. The box!
  4. I just love the red color :heart:
  5. My new 150mm tan suede Toutenkaboucle! I'm in love with these!
  6. Hi! So glad you could join :smile:
  7. Wow!! That's a gorgeous pair!!!! Any modelling pics?
  8. Thank you! I just saw your family pic in your thread and it blew me away! So many gorgeous shoes and Mod pics will probably be coming later when bf can take them lol! They aren't coming out right when I try to because they're all distorted lol
  9. For anybody who has this shoe, how do you wear your straps? I found 2 diff ways to wear which is

    1)crossed over the ankles and
    2) crossed under!

    Also the straps are extremely long and very loose so would any of you suggest adding another hole for the buckles?
  10. Wow amazing shoes .. Congrats :0)
    Can't help you with the strap thing...

    MOD PICS :0)
  11. congratulations and welcome but we will all agree when i say this is an addictive business!!! :graucho::woohoo::woohoo:
  12. Love this pair...mod pics next please :smile:
  13. I love these! I wish I could do 150mm but I just can't so I live vicariously through all you lucky ladies that can! Can't wait to see mod pics.
  14. I really like this style! Hope you post some mod shots! :graucho:
  15. stunning!