Late night reveal

Dec 3, 2008
I went to Bal Las Vegas a few weeks ago while on holiday and my mum and i went a bit over board. The super sweet David helped us. He was so patient with us while we chose what we wanted. I think we were in the store for 4 hours to pick out four bags. Oops. So if you're ever at the Caesar's Palace Forum shop, make sure to ask for David. He will make you feel like a princess!

*Sorry for the crappy blackberry photos, can't find the cord to connect my camera to my computer.

I got:

S/S 2010 City in Castagna with GGH

S/S 2010 LE Lime Green and raw silk City with RGH (regular gold hardware) on SALE at 50% off! (My phone makes the silk look pink, but it's actually a beige color)


(I already have a F/W 2009 City in Black with RH but she's on her way back to me from bal vegas. I had her repaired because she was fading a bit and some of the leather was wearing down. I had her redyed and fixed all the boo boo's for only $35! and David didn't even charge me for shipping, AND he gave me extra tassels for free! God, I love him.) to see her when I first purchased her, my reveal is here:

My mum got:

S/S 2010 City in Sang with GGH

LE Lizard Embossed City in black with RH (not pictured as my mum is currently using it)

Previously bought in Holt and Renfrew in Toronto F/W 2009 City in Black with GSH (just thought I'd show it since it hasn't made it's debut on the forum yet, and I'm currently using it, with her permission, of course.)


I hope you all enjoyed my reveal and I will be sure to take better quality pictures soon. :biggrin:


U Get What You Give
Feb 17, 2007
I'm here! (I should be sleeping - but I'm here!!!)

You and your Mom did GREAT shopping! I'm sure David loved you as much as you loved him and your bags are AMAZING!!!!

Am loving the color and leather of the Castagna! I'm not usually a GGH fan - but they look stunning together!

Enjoy your new BBags!!!