Late night reveal! Who's here!? Purse [emoji162]

  1. Picked up some new LV today! Any guesses!? #LVorDie IMG_1505964941.724278.jpg IMG_1505964955.128550.jpg
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  3. Yay!
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  4. Here!
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  5. Pochette Metis??
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  6. :wave:
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  7. Monogram Eclipse Toiletry case! Im going to use it as a toiletry case and as a catchall in my work bag. I carry my lunch and "stuff" in this clear duffel and I'm gonna use it to catch all my SLG's See post below for size comparison to SLG's and Pochette Metis #LVorDie IMG_1505965788.420848.jpg IMG_1505965800.316366.jpg IMG_1505965818.296605.jpg IMG_1505965826.726408.jpg IMG_1505965839.759124.jpg IMG_1505965851.130368.jpg IMG_1505965865.780204.jpg IMG_1505965882.212512.jpg IMG_1505965893.713832.jpg IMG_1505965914.444333.jpg
  8. Size comparisons and full of stuff :smile: IMG_1505966004.016384.jpg IMG_1505966013.043863.jpg IMG_1505966020.578085.jpg IMG_1505966030.727012.jpg IMG_1505966055.128577.jpg IMG_1505966068.031913.jpg IMG_1505966078.257433.jpg IMG_1505966086.063034.jpg IMG_1505966097.998250.jpg
  9. Almost! Lol!
  10. Congrats! What a great idea, the Mono Eclipse cases look so chic in your clear duffle!
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  11. Thanks so much! I have really fallen for the eclipse line! The wipeable inside is pretty nice if I wanna put make up in it. One thing too, I love that the LV's are upright on both sides because of the leather piping. I had the eclipse Pochette Voyage and it was awesome, but it was one piece of canvas, so LV's upside down on the other side. I'm used to that, so it's not a huge deal, but having it all upright is really cool! #LVorDie
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  12. Congratulations! :balloon: That is a very useful piece. Thank you for the terrific reveal and photos!
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  13. Such a beauty! Congrats!
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  14. Ooh la la! Love it! I noticed the Chanel bag in the background...what's in the bag?!:graucho:
  15. Lol! Thanks BagLadyT! The Chanel shopping bag is from my Hubby!!! He got me the Rose Gold WOC for my 43rd birthday last month! #CheatingOnLouisV IMG_1505967190.996949.jpg IMG_1505967206.331430.jpg
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