Late Night reveal for insomniacs and others


May 17, 2014
Long Backstory with some cautionary tale:

I thought I was done buying Chanel bags, in fact I don't even have a wish list. I've been taking account of my collection and felt I need to really think about the bags and if they really work for me, so I decide to curate my collection and only keep the pieces I used and not just because it was a good purchase at the time. So, I decided to sell or consider selling some pieces. My small collection had 5 bags (chevron jumbo, caviar jumbo shw, reissue 225 ghw, GST black ghw, chevron grey/taupe old medium boy). Several SLGS and a brooch. I made the decision to sell the GST, upgrade the 225 to 226 and sell some of my SLGS that weren't functioning for my life.

I know I did a post about the 225 and what fits and while I loved the bag it wasn't going to work for the longterm so I did a sale and got the 226 instead. Which brings me to my reveal.

My SA mentioned to me in February she had a client that was selling a square mini and if I knew anyone that was looking. I told her I didn't and kept it moving. Fast forward to about 1 week ago and I text my SA to ask her what bag her client was selling and if was still available. She said she would reach out to my her client and ask her. The client responded and said it was ok for my SA to share her info. We started communicating and about a week and half later I paid $1950 for her and picked her up today

Without further delay. Here is my classic square mini black caviar ghw. She is a 13 series, very little sign of wear, as cute as a button, beautiful hardware with no tarnish, all her paperwork. I cannot put her down.


Now for the cautionary tale: I went Chanel crazy the last two years. There is a rush you get when trying to locate a bag and then making the purchase but it can be intoxicating and sometimes you get caught up. This happened with the GST. I hunted that bag down and it was a real chase to get that black with Ghw and I did but the bag sat in my closet barely used for about a year. I carried it to work once and used it on a business trip but it mostly sat in my closet. It didn't work for me or my work environment, the ghw was a little too flashy and that wasn't a good use of my money so I sold it. I also sold a small zip coin purse because it didn't fit much and my LV zip coin purse fit a lot more. I didn't end up keeping the medium o-case with the charms either because while I loved the charms it wasn't going to work out with what I was shaping my collection for the future. I have the small o-case in caviar and it is by far my best Chanel SLG purchase.
So my collection now is mostly just the classic styles and my chevron boy bag with a few SLGS including my woc. I've been thinking about selling the boy bag, it is a good neutral color but not sure it will stand the test of time.

The thrill of finding these bags is great but when you come down from the high and really think about it the larger picture are your really happy with what you see for the long run. This is just my story. I still love Chanel I am just more mindful. I was lucky that I was able to recoup most of my most from my sales. I've also been really lucky to find great preowned items. Thanks for letting me share.

My classics
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May 24, 2015
Bay Area, California
Oh I so love your story. I can relate to the whole thing you said. Congrats on all the classic pieces & congrats on finding your state of CC (which is the happy stage)


Apr 3, 2012
Ban Island
Omg!!!! CB you are so lucky to get this square mini at this price

And I totally agree with you that sometimes it's just fun to chase down a bag that we forget if we really need it!!!!!!

Please slap some sense into me (you saw my crazy reveal) next time I go crazy again!

I've been reviewing and updating my collections in the past year and like what you did...mostly just keeping pieces that add variety or will stay classics!! I learned some lessons on seasonal bags and now I try to stay away from them (perforated chevron tote is an exception)

I love my GST though. It's always a bag with mixed reviews! It took me a while to take the plunge and even so I wasn't sure if that was right. Mine is black with SHW and I carry it with pocket side out. It fits my work laptop perfectly and weight isn't an issue since I mostly just carry it from parking lot to office.


Jan 30, 2014
Congrats my friend!!! Stunning! I love the square mini. I use mine so much!! I LOVE your collection. You kept all my favorites! My 226 Chanel reissue is actually my favorite Chanel. I too have curated my collection and I feel so much better about it. Funny, I went back to my LV zip pouch as well. It fits the most!! Thank you for the story!! It is so easy to get caught up in all the Chanel glamour. However, we now have bags we truly love!!!!!


May 14, 2015
excellent find - this is my favorite Chanel bag. great story too, my wish is to not have a wish list!!! :biggrin:


Jan 28, 2009
LOVE that little square mini and your black classic family! I've been mulling over my collection as well. I was such a I've gotten it down a bit but the ones I can't seem to decide what to do with are my black classics, I have all types of materials, sizes & hardware. I feel in the future, like you i will end up with a capsule collection of some black classics and a just couple of others.

Congrats again on your great find!


Jun 15, 2011
Sooo glad you got this!!! I remember you posted about it in the mini thread. Heartfelt congrats!! I became obsessed with the black caviar mini square with GHW a couple of months ago. I had to settle for an 11 series on ebay (was super nervous but awesome Roku authenticated it for me) BUT it was $3,150!!! I don't regret it as I looove the bag and I haven't seen a black caviar square mini with shiny GHW since so I am so glad I bought it.

You got sooo lucky with the price lady and that makes the bag even more special. It looks new! Congrats again :P


Loves Her 'Triple P'
Mar 7, 2008
Fabulous bag! So glad this worked out for you. I love your collections of classics. I adore a punch of colour here and there, but black is always a staple. Out of curiosity, which black classic is your favourite?


Dec 14, 2015
Congrats on your great find! It is one of the Chanel pieces i would love to own.
I love your collection as well. Thank you for sharing your story. I went through that crazy hoarding phase a while back, and although it is hard letting go, i'm glad i'm selling most of the pieces i don't need anymore. It's such a liberating feeling 😊


Sep 28, 2011
LA, Ca
Congrats on the meaningful addition to your collection. I completely agree with you..we get caught up in the rush of acquiring. I love that you now have a capsule collection of classics that you will truly enjoy for many years to come. [emoji3]


Feb 25, 2010
What a great addition to a well-curated collection. You have made some very wise points. It is very refreshing to be happy with each and every bag in one's collection and it has taken me YEARS to do this due to my love for colors. However, eventually I have narrowed down and made "checklist points" that every new bag must meet before it joins the family (unless it is something VERY VERY different, rare or special). Congratulations on your little gem!