Late Night Reveal! :D

  1. Hi! Anyone around for a late night reveal? :smile:
  2. Shoot - I can't get the pics to load. :nogood: I'll try again in the morning!
  3. Tease!
  4. LOL - I didn't try to be be one! I'm going to try again now. :smile:
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    I've been busy ticking some things off my wish list. As some of you have seen other threads I posted in, I recently acquired one of my HGs (Pinnacle Lily in kiwi). I’m still loving everything about her (especially her gorgeous color) so I’ve attached a picture for you to enjoy. :biggrin:

    I am also very excited that I have been able to check another HG off the list, as well as some other goodies that weren’t HGs, but that I wanted nonetheless. ;) After this reveal, I believe it will be time for a dreaded ban. :sad:

    I stopped by my outlet yesterday due to it being the last day for the Tanger BCA coupons and unfortunately, I struck out at the women’s outlet. They remodeled the store and it looks nice, but the deletes section was absolutely pitiful. :nogood: I wandered on over to the men’s store and *hoped* to find two specific things, which I am happy to say that I did!

    First up is something small. I won’t drag it out; it’s Mr. Robot in antique brass. For $14 he was a delightful bargain for something that I deliberately went into the store to look for. The style number is F66096.
    robot bag.jpg robot front.jpg robot back.jpg Coach Pinnacle Kiwi Lilly 22330.jpg
  6. The next thing I found was something that I have wanted for quite some time after seeing so many of the handsome reveals from other tPfers. However, the color that it came in was not one of the ones that I originally wanted. I still really like it but I’m not sure that I LOVE it – I’m going to think about it.

    Without further ado, here’s the first pic: (LOL –just have to add that the SA was so cute. She was checking me out at the counter and she’s like, “I’m really sorry about this, but the only bag large enough for this bag is a suitcase cover – is that okay?” I told her it was fine because I was going to do a reveal of it on a forum later anyway and needed something to keep him covered up! :biggrin:)
    weekender bag.jpg
  7. Any guesses? :smile:
    weekender handles.jpg weekender hang tags.jpg
  8. Weekender ir biz
  9. That robot fob is so cool! Ah, a LIME weekender!!! You know I love it, and I vote KEEP it, lol. Congrats!
  10. CFC09 - you got it! :biggrin: Bleecker Legacy Weekender in Lime, you were right! The style number is 70487. I have to say that I really do like the color – it is something really unique and definitely a color I don’t have nor did I ever think I’d have. I was really looking for this bag in a blue or Mahogany, but I couldn’t say no to the price - $146.XX before tax!
    weekender front.jpg weekender.jpg weekender tag.jpg weekender interior.jpg weekender creed.jpg
  11. Anyway, I really like him (and this morning, it's really bordering on LOVE) and just had to show this pic because he and Mr. Robot go perfectly with one another – I think they might’ve been made for each other! :p
    weekender and robot.jpg
  12. Congrats!
  13. Love it all! Congrats!
  14. My final reveal is stunner from a few years ago that I finally decided I needed to have. I bought her NWT on Bonanza from a wonderful seller who really worked with me on price. She shipped it amazingly fast and it arrived perfectly packaged AND in a proper-sized box. It’s the little things in life, you know? :yes:
    sydney open package.jpg
  15. Any guesses as to who she might be? :smile:
    sydney tassels.jpg