Late night instant reveal!!!

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  1. Woke up by the LO and finally found sometime to take pictures of my recent purchases this week. Who is up? :P:P:P
  2. me!
  3. Apparently no one :sad:

    Gonna post quickly anyways!!!
  4. First pair

    Need a black classic 120 so I got these: PP 120. So comfy ;)

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  5. perfect! great classic!

    yes everyone else is wisely asleep
  6. Next up.

    Also a black pair. Wanted this style ever since a lovely tPFer mentioned to me how elegant and wearable they are. Dreaming of owning them in strass but when these pop up, I cannot stop but thinking strassing them myself (well, I will find the time and try to at least)

    Lady Claude black kid 120. At first I was on the fence about the comfort with it having such a thin platform. But hey they are comfy too!!!

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  7. lol only left the sick and new mom :P
  8. Last pair.

    Did the reveal the other day after the signing event but since I got them together with other 2 pairs this week. Here you go ladies!

    Divinoche black/gold 160. Sexy sexy sexy shoes they are! More tempting for you AEGIS!!! :cool::cool::cool:

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  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhh love the DIVINOCHE and i dislike many daff things! i think it's so seductive and feminine! it reminds me very much of the 299

  10. :roflmfao: tpf for the sickly and the weary
  11. Great additions!!!
  12. YES THEY ARE ;) love them so much!!! I was only sold on these when I tried them on. Same as dafs..

    Thanks BoriquaNina!!!
  13. Love the Divonche Congrats on everything :woohoo:
  14. Love all 3!!! Do you find the divinoche stable?
  15. Great pairs!
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