Late-Night Bluefly Strolling

  1. They've updated Bluefly w/ new Balenciagas... Coin purses, magenta Makeup, and a white Ghost... :amuse:

    I've got the Ghost in my cart right now, but I think white would probably not last long w/ me after all. If anyone wants it, let me know when to release...
  2. Aww, the title of this thread is so cute! lol
  3. release release
  4. Maaaaaaaaaan.. how come i never see this post earlier? :sad:

    oh well.
  5. As of 2am: they have the "mint" ghost, magenta shoulder, rose and mint coin purses.
  6. I can't believe how quickly these bags get snapped up :sad:
  7. i've got a chanel beige quilted tote in my basket. ask and i shall release.
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