Late mothers day surprise !!!


Mar 23, 2013
Utah / Idaho
My hubby is one of the best men ever !!!! I thought I was done for the year after I got my pre loved neverfull and since I have gone kinda LV crazy while he was deployed lol he is back now thankfully :smile: at any rate I am a big you tube person I love watching reviews and what's in my bag and all that junk lol well I guess my hubby took a hint and he got me the 6 key holder in monogram :smile: I am super happy with it fits his car key clicker thing and key and my house key and I have my key fob on the out side it isn't to bulky either which Is a plus keeps the keys from going all around in my purse and it just is neat and tidy ;) anyway I just thought it is a nice addition to my growing family . Hope you all enjoy 1399999503021.jpg


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