Late Fed-Ex Delivery :-)

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  1. Fed-Ex made a late delivery today of some items from my two favorite H stores :heart:

  2. yeah!
  3. woo hoo! here live.
  4. 2009 Luggage Cadena in Gold :smile:

  5. rana- what are your favorite stores?
  6. No wonder it took him so long to get there, he was carrying a ton. What's in all the boxes?!
  7. :jammin: is one of them Charlotte? One of them's Charlotte, right? Is it? Can't wait to see whatcha got Ranag!
  8. love the undulating feel of this- looks like leather. very nice.
  9. love the cadena!
    ok, 1 down, 4 to go...
  10. Carre 70 Vintage
    "Please Check In"


    jan1409reveal3.jpg jan1409reveal4.jpg
  11. waiting patiently, excited to be here live.
  12. love this, it would so work for me. very alexander mcqueen-ish..
  13. very nice...bring them on! :yahoo:
  14. Love please check in! Can't wait to see what else came today!
  15. Belles Du Mexique Cashmere Shawl
    Brique/Noir/Orange VIF


    jan1409reveal5.jpg jan1409reveal6.jpg