Late deliveries: this is so infuriating

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  1. I bought my medium Voyageur wallet in cherry and ice blue at the weekend, expecting it would be delivered by the end of today, per the website.

    Sadly, my wallet is still hanging around Saviignon le Temple, and according to the tracking it's been there for a day, and they've changed the delivery date until Monday.

    As you can imagine, I am not a happy bunny. I will wait until I'm less irritated to write to Dior and point out that their customer service, at least in this case, sucks. There is no explanation for the delay, nor an apology for the delay. I do not think that is ever justifiable to act in this way :nogood::nogood::nogood:
  2. I think that this has to do with the courier. I have had companies pay for next-day shipping, and then CanadaPost failing to meet that requirement on a few occasions. I complained to those companies and they reimbursed me, because they would claim it back from CanadaPost.

    Definitely complain if you had to pay for shipping. But I'm positive that it is a problem with the courier.
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    I didn't pay for shipping; standard shipping is free. And I'd love to blame it on the courier, and I'm sure they are partially at fault, but it took at least 36, closer to 48 hours, for Dior to pass it to the courier, whilst telling me it would get here in 4 days.

    That's inappropriate behaviour within Dior itself; if they'd sent me an email explaining the problem I would have been fine with it. But they didn't ...

    ETA My daughter will be with me Saturday/Sunday; I had been really looking forward to showing it to here. That's probably why I'm so upset by it...
  4. Exciting news!

    My Voyageur Diorissimo medium wallet in cherry and ice blue interior, has not only arrived in Tamworth England, but also left it, en route hopefully to me. Probably not in time for my daughter to see it but at least it's made it to England!

  5. That's good to hear! At least this means you will definitely get it by Monday.
  6. Sadly Monday was hell on wheels for other reasons, but I have received my Diorissimo Voyageur wallet, and I am absolutely delighted with it.

    Pictures will follow, but the weather has been so lousy :rain: that the gray light ruins attempts to photograph the wallet properly. I hope to improve when the weather does.

    I'm absolutely thrilled with it, as you can probably tell:

  7. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your pictures! :biggrin:
  8. Neither can I, not least because it depends on it stopping raining ;)

    But I must thank you for the support and kindness you have shown in this, and to us all. I am very grateful, and I know many others are also very grateful to you; you put in such hard work to help us, and I wanted to formally acknowledge it:

  9. Aww thank you Willowbarb! :biggrin:
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