Late Birthday gifts... Quick reveal


Mommy of 3
Jul 11, 2008
Hi everyone,

It's been a while since i have posted in this forum... I've been kind of busy with life... plus i didn't really see anything i liked from the LV website, so yesterday i finally decided to check out Chanel... I saw a few bags there, but nothing really had the "wow factor" to me... I felt a little disappointed since i was hoping i'd surely like something... Then i decided to check out LOUIS before i settle... As i got there, i just felt that familiar feeling i get when i'm at a LV boutique... Even my hubby agrees that it fits me better than Chanel... Anyway, here is my reveal....

Oh, check out the chocolat they offered us with champagne...hmmm, yumm!!!

Nov 23, 2009
Wow!! Don't think I was ready to see ALL of them at once!! :nuts: Congrats!! Great purchases!! What color is that stole if you don't mind me asking?