late 7 days, HPT is negative, could I still be pregnant?

  1. We've been trying to concieve for 3 months now. I've been taking prenatal pills for about a month. My period has been consistantly on the 9th of every month for the past 6 months. I did the ovulation test last month and had sex everyday after my last period until the third week. It was tiring. LOL! I'm hoping that this is the month! So my period is 7 days late and I took a HPT 2 days ago and it was negative. Could I hopefully still be pregnant? I'm so anxious and stressed out about the whole thing. I'm thinking my period is late because I'm stressed, and my test is negative. Is there a possiblilty that my body hasn't produced that hormone the HPT detects yet? Am I suppose to produce that hormone by now if I'm pregnant? Arrrrggghhhh....this is so frustrating! All this waiting is killing me. Also, I haven't seen a doctor yet. Should I be finding one and get a check up just to make sure everything is ok? What kind of doctor do I look for? Should I find a doctor that delivers at the hospital nearest to me? Please help. I am new to all this and want to make sure I'm doing everything right. And we want a baby so bad!!
  2. it sounds like it's unlikely your PG, sorry.
    The pregnancy hormone is pretty strong, so strong usually that an HPT can predict the day you miss your period.
    You really have to try and relax. . . getting pregnant is much harder when stressing about it.
    I'd make an appt w/ your OB, let her/him know how many months you've been trying and ask if there's any ittle tests you could opt for.
  3. By the time you are 7 days late, your HCG (hormone that HPT detects) level should be pretty high and detectable. So the chance you are pg is kind of slim. TTC is stressful, so try to relax and not concentrate too much on conceiving. Try BD'ing every other day instead of everyday since it gives time for new sperms to mature. Go to your GYN, get a check-up and talk to him/her about TTC. You only tried for 3 months, so your GYN might tell you to try for another few months before running tests. Every Dr. is different, so it's best to discuss with him/her. Also make sure you find someone who fits your mindset/views.
  4. Finding a dr. that delivers at your hospital is convenient, but I would also research the hospital... does it have a neo-natal unit (just in case)?
  5. Awww. I feel your anxiousness. I was late this month about 5 days. I had to force myself to not buy a HPT. I've spent way too much money on them..

    Anyway, Talk to your gyn about when you should seek fertility help. I think it depends on your age and condition when they would start fertility assistance. Most here have said they make you wait a year but if you have other factors, that may start you earlier. Good Luck!
  6. I was late 6 days last month, and had taken two HPT which were negative and also a blood test which was also negative. I think you should wait a lil longer maybe 5 days more.
    Stressing messes the cycle up pretty bad. so try not to do it. Hang in there hun ! :heart:
  7. thanks for everyone's support! You guys are awesome! I'm glad that there's places like this to ask questions or vent! It feels good to know that I'm not alone, and that everyone is so supportive. I'm send out positive energy and prayers to everyone who's trying to conceive!! LOL! So I started my period the next day after I posted this! ARGGGHH...the anicipation was killing me. I took another HPT the same day to make sure it wasn't implantation bleeding. LOL! I'm a crazy freak. I think I'm done with HTP's. I've spend so much money on them! Thanks again ladies!
  8. ^^ :roflmfao: You are too funny! I am done with HPT's too! I have one last pack from my stash. They are the really nice ones with the digital read out. So I am saving those for the real thing...
  9. I don´t think so. It should show already. I was 8 days late and wasn´t pregs.
  10. Aww..please dont stress. As of right now my period is late by 11 days but I'm done with trying for next month!
  11. when i got pregnant I was over 7 days late and too the preg test and it showed up neg, i took another one 5-7 days later it said positive!