Latch on Chanel Cambon detached??

  1. I am so mad. I bought my Cambon Multipocket reporter about 6 months ago and....I was unzipping my bag WHEN the 'CHANEL' latch thing came off!! I did not pay $2k just to have something like that being defective.

    Additionally I was flying out of NY back to SF on Friday and the security checkpoint personnel put my bag on the belt. I carefully placed it in the bin together with my ballerina flats but she removed them and placed it on the belt. Not only does it have black grease spots on it but URGHHHH...
  2. Bring it back to the Chanel boutique. It should be repairable.

    But I hate airport personnels, sorry about the grease spot =(
  3. That's bizarre! Chanel has a minimum 1 year warranty, they'll take care of that for you!
  4. For some reason, TSA is no longer allowing handbags to ride through xray in a bin. They claim they cannot see inside them well enough which makes sense because I always have two pairs of tweezers and nail clipper in mine and I thought they were a no-no.
    I had to take my reissue out and put it in the belt in JFK but not in Tampa. Depends on the airprort.
    Sorry to heat that. :sad: I bet Chanel can clean it though.
  5. Can we put like a paper towel underneath it LOL? I'm traveling during the holidays and I don't think I can control myself if they scuff up my bag. At least we can carry liquid makeup now.
  6. ^yes, but only 3oz, make sure you don't have more or it'll go in the trash!:shocked:
    Werd about that though, I trveled to CA then onto Mexico and my LV was in a bin w/ no trouble. . . . must be certain airports. I'm in Dallas and I went to LAX, I'd assume these 2 massive airports would be pretty tight.
  7. Thanks Mello_Yello_Jen! I brought it back to Chanel today and since I didn't buy it from them, I have to take it back to Saks Fifth Avenue to get it fixed. But Saks Fifth SF does not carry Chanel. My bf is just mad because he thinks it's ridiculous me spending so much money on a handbag and then the latch came off. He's making fun of Chanel everytime he gets a chance. He's also complaining that I am on this forum more than I ever talk to him. Guys will never understand my infactuation with bags!:rolleyes:

    Swanky Mama of Three: The airports are ridiculous. I flew out of JFK on Friday and the Security checkpoint guard must think they are power lords as one said, "Place your bags and laptops in the bin, shoes on the belt." Then as I placed my bag in the bin, the Security lady placed my bag directly on the belt facing down, meaning my bag was touching the belt. :crybaby: There are grease spots on them now which I can't get rid off and I am going to try baby wipes later. Hopefully that would work. :hysteric:

    Talk about serious LOVE for Chanel.

    aarti, ALLinTHEbag: Although 3oz (travel size) bottles were allowed by the TSA, hahaa, nopes, on Thursday when my friend flew out, they told her to check ALL of her liquid/gel items. I printed out the notice from TSA and will bring it with me this weekend when I head to L.A.

    Note: I flew out Friday and they had a guy examine your ziplock bag filled with liquid stuff prior to you going through the security checkpoint. But I had everything checked, so I was fine....
  8. SF Chanel didnt take it in?!?!! They let me bring in a purse that I purchased at Saks to them for repair... they didnt ask for receipt or anything. Try again and talk to David, he's a sweetheart (and manager of the handbag dpt.) How do they expect Saks to fix it if there is no Chanel counter at the SF Saks. Hmm, odd.

    And yea, my bf is the same way. I was making comments yesterday and he gave me that "ugh not again" scoff
  9. I bought my Chanel at the Saks Fifth in NY (my fav store). I spoke to this lady at the Chanel SF and she was kinda snobby too. She said that it has to be repaired at the original location bought. So here is where my bf cracked up again because of the apparent exceptional service I Received!!

    I am going to try David at Chanel tomorrow as they close at 6pm and that depresses me cause I might just stop carrying this bag and use my Shopping Tote when it ARRIVES sometime this week.
  10. HAHAH! LOL
  11. im so sorry to hear that.. i hope u get ur bag fixed! what a nightmare!
  12. Sorry to hear about the latch. But with handmade bags, it happens sometimes. I had a latch come off on my lanvin herioine that I paid $1400ish for. I sent it back to Bob Ellis Shoes, they fixed it, and sent it back with no worries. Saks should stand behind their product. Just get in touch with their customer service, send the bag back (make sure you insure it going to them and they insure it going back to you).

    Either that or return the bag for a store credit and get something else. Either way, you shouldnt have any problems.

    Good luck.
  13. kaye: The problem with having a boyfriend who doesn't jive with me on handbags. He for one only carries ONE credit card in his back pocket with his driver's license whereas I have a bag filled with JUNK!

    pinkish_love: My wonderous boyfriend got it fixed! When I jumped into the shower and came back out, I realized it was all done! He told me it was something a non-Chanel guy could 'fix' for no cost.

    Greenie: THANKS for the 411. I will take a note of that and have that handy next time around (fingers crossed nothing happens). I didn't want to MAIL my bag anywhere unless I was physically there and I love this bag. LOVE. It's my everyday bag, until my Grande Shopping arrives at my doorstep anyday now. :graucho: Although you can see the signs of wear starting to evolve. The latch, thanks to my boyfriend is FIXED!!! He even 'moisturized' the bag for me and made the zipper and latch SHINY!