LasVegas Outlet Stalkers-What's My Best Bet?

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  1. Hey all you desert flowers! My Aunt & Uncle are heading to Sin City- not to gamble but to shop!:yahoo:They are going to hit the outlets and were gracious enough to offer to pick up whatever I wanted! I just need to call and put it on hold for them. Any great ideas or undiscovered treasures? I really want a fuschia Peyton and a periwinkle Audrey. Have these been spotted in your area? Oh and a cherry Sabrina would be heaven too. I'm totally open to suggestions because poor, neglected A'ville seems to get overlooked by the COACH gods. TIA!!!
  2. I saw the periwinkle Audrey at the Las Vegas Premium outlet and the fuschia MFF Peyton at the Las Vegas Outlets. There was only one periwinkle Audrey last week. All the boutique delete fuschia Peytons are gone. No cherry Sabrinas ever hit here in the desert.
    I like the way you call us desert flowers, that is a cute name for us desert dwelling women. tee hee!
  3. Thanks for the info! "Desert Flower" is so much better than "Ice Princess" up here in Minne-snow-ta! LOL:P
  4. ^^Well in the summer here in the desert we're "Flaming Inferno Femmes". I can't stand it. But it's a dry heat! :wondering lol
    We have it good right now, though, weather wise. It's beautiful weather right now.
    I hope they find you something wonderful while here!
  5. We were in Vegas on Sunday and I saw the fuschia Peyton at the outlet North of the strip (not sure of the exact name) and they were retailing I believe for $389 and 30 percent off that...but I'm going off memory so my numbers may be off. They also had the MFF black ones and the grayish Limited Edition Peytons, which were gorgeous!
  6. Thanks I will give them both a call this morning. Wish me luck!