LasVegas Boutique

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  1. #1 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009

    I am going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks and was wondering about the selection at the CL boutique there. Can anyone who has been there lately advise? Also is there a Barneys or somewhere else there that sells CL's too?

    I am thinking of of a pair of VPs' : either nude or the classic black kid with a red or burgundy tip in a size 37.5 or 38. Or possibly a pair of Rolandos?

    Do you think these would be in stock there?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I was actually just there this past weekend. I'll try my best to remember what they had there but I definitely won't be able to list everything I saw as I can't remember.

    -Patent Pigalle (white, nude, there's more but I can't really recall)
    -Burgundy Alti Pump
    -Black Patent Rolandos
    -Lizard VPs (black and white)
    -Lots of new spring styles
    -Camel Decollete
    -Sale shoes (sigourneys in black, arielle a talon in gray and black...I can't remember anymore but there were lots of shoes on sale)

    Having a total brain fart right now, but I didn't see any nude VPs or any black ones

    Hope that helped a little...
  3. thanks - it did. can i ask for shoes (as in the black kid vp's with red tips) to be shipped from another CL boutique to that store so i can purchase them there when i arrive?
  4. Not that I know of. You can certainly purchase a shoe from another boutique i.e. NYC, BH, SCP and have them ship it to the boutique for you to pick up. They don't ship inventory from one boutique to another for your consideration to purchase. It has to be paid for already. The selections at the boutique themselves can be unique to a specific location and you have to purchase it where it's available.
  5. I believe Lav is correct, at least as far as I know. However, the benefit of having them shipped to the boutique is that you're right there to do your return and then use your store credit!
  6. I live in 10 minutes from the LV boutique but I prefer the Barney's in the same shops. The return policy is better. I was at Saks across the street yesterday and they had a great selection. No patent VP in black but they had it in kid leather with the red tip. I also saw the nude patent version of the VP but without the platform. (yoyo maybe?) Hope this helps. Have a great time in Vegas!
  7. mars702 - just to clarify - you saw the VP's in kid leather with red tips at Saks, not Barney's - correct? I am a size 8 or 7.5. did you happen to notice the sizes ? Thanks for everyones help
  8. saks has carried the black kid leather VP with red tips for the last couple of years. I got mine in '07. If you have enough time on your trip you should check out all of the retailers. They're all within walking distance from each other.
  9. Sorry I didn't take notice of sizes when I was shopping yesterday. You are going to have so much fun shopping for CLs in Vegas! Win lots of money to buy even more!