Lasting power?

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  1. Hi Duna, from what I know, Mustela baby cream is good for smooth Hermes leathers like box calf, charmonix, Vache natural etc.

    For my clemence, Togo & chevre bags, I use another cream known as "Dicon Leather Care". This cream is fantastic for cleaning dirt or scuff from the bottom corners of my chevre Kelly. I also use it for conditioning my lambskin bags, like my Chanel 2.55 and Fendi Spy.
  2. The Hermes soap that they use for saddles is also quite good for leather ... though I don't know about togo/clemence/chevre/box.

    I use it to clean dirt on my LV bags and others. I have a white Fendi and the Hermes soap cleaned the dirt beautifully.
  3. Gigi, may I know where we can get the Dicon Leather Care?? I mean in Singapore.
  4. Thanks Gigi, I'll have to find out if they sell this "Dicon " here in Italy, I hope so...
  5. IFFAH, you can get the Dicon Leather Care from Home Fix DIY stores. They have many outlets in Singapore.

    You can get the store locations at their website:
  6. La Van, how does the Hermes soap looks like ? :huh:

    Does it look like a bar of soap ? :biggrin:
  7. i think they last a long time
  8. I have it here in my hand now. It's long, rectangular/square about 14 cm long. It's like a transparent beige/yellow similar to the Neutrogena soap. The official name is "Pain de Savn Glycerine" or "Savon H a la Glycerine" (Sodium Soap in English). It says that it is made out of fatty acids of animal.

    I bought it 2 years ago and don't know if they still make it. But it's great. You just need to slightly wet a towel and rub on the soap.
  9. Great info! Thanks very much La Van! :smile:

    I will ask my SA about this the next time I visit Hermes.
  10. Gigi, thanks so much for posting pics of your bags again. They are treasures and add so many smiles to those who look at them! That Kelly is so beauitifully maintained!
    I like Box because it looks better with age and can be refurbished so nicely.
    The Dicoon soap is great info!!
  11. I too use Mustela baby cream on mine. My Kelly is like 15 years old and has never needed a tune up.

    I really belive bags we buy today can outlive us if taken care of by the owner. I have some croc and alligator bags that are 50 and 60 years old and they are going strong.

    If you get a great buy on a vintage bag grab it. Where I live that is a hot market. They can't even make it to the is like certain stores sell the vintage upscale bags and people are on like these look out/waiting lists and they buy them up as well. It is wild.