last years signature beaded totes

  1. any thoughts on where i could purchased the signature beaded tote from last years collection? in either gold or silver..i recently saw it again this year on someone at the mall and i regret not purchasing last year.....if e-bay what sellers are honest...thanks for any help on this
  2. I would say eBay, i just looked on there today. I believe there is a thread somewhere about honest eBay sellers.
  3. Ask your Coach store to check their distribution center for you:smile: There might still be some brand new ones!
  4. I know for a fact that gold is completely gone and i'm pretty sure silver, the larger one may be avail. though.

  5. I'm not really fond of this years beaded totes, I'm not a suede fan. But last years I love. Please post pics if you do find one.
  6. I love the gold one and wish I got it last year. My friend has the gold one and it's gorgeous!
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