LAST YEAR's Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Patent Bag

  1. Did anyone else just love the Neiman's patent bag they picked up with last year's beauty event? I'm just not feeling this year's bag (or the samples for that matter) so I skipped on it. However, since patent is so popular right now and I really love the shape and feel of the red patent bag I got last year (though I was only using it when I felt a little spunky) I decided to pick up the beige and black (okay, there was a red one too, I'm gonna have to sell that) I found someone selling all three new at once) on eBay. Do you think that's silly of me? I mean, I know it's a cheapy freebie bag, but I really, really like it. Does anyone feel the same?

    I decided this went more along with this forum because it is deal/steal related. I'm not really a designer bag girl...I have one coach purse. I'm more into designer clothes and shoes, but I can't deal with the cost of much of these things with clear consciense, so I only have one *beautiful* pair of manolos, adorable prada flats... well, I'm not going to list all this stuff here, but it's just a frame of reference on where I am coming from. I also like vintage!
  2. I carry the black and red one all the time - and people stop me to ask who designed it..:yes: It's a very simple design, that's what I like about it. I say if you like it, buy it. The pink one is too cute :smile:
  3. ^^^Thanks so much for your reply, Cutie! :smile: I feel justified in my purchase now.
  4. I love my red one. Although I don't use it that frequently. I usually opt for the free tote I got from Nordstrom.

    By the way, the one from Saks for this years beauty event, is very nice as well.
  5. Can you please post a pic of it? I'm curious now... ;)
  6. Just looked it up on eBay. Very cute. I once got this Dolce & Gabanna clear with light blue handles tote as a freebie at Douglas. Love it and always use it as a beach bag.
  7. Well, after doing several different searches on ebay I finally found it. Very cute.